Her painting has been highlighted by research on materials and techniques and a narrative full of symbolism, close to the mythological and cosmogonical universe. She has made more than 50 individual exhibitions and 20 collectives in different countries and continents and has been reviewed in the most prestigious publications. Her work is in public and private collections in Europe, the United States and Latin America. She is a guest professor at universities and international forums.


A work conceived as a song to life, before a large painting that rebels against its conventional central form and expands on itself in permanent play with the elements that surround it. We are in front of a canvas that seems not to cease, before pigments of infinite intermingled subtlety in a joyful dance on that cloth; we are before an architecture of the past that oozes the history of hundreds of years, we are before the open air of the north with a variable sky of clouds, days and nights.

Video “Le Jeu de Vivre” - Museo Provincial de Huesca.

Elaboration on the conceptual idea of life in its eternal return.