1945 Lupiñén  (Huesca).

Her intimate connection with color and pictorial techniques begins already in her childhood attracted by the textures and shapes of the landscapes of her surroundings in the Aragonese Pyrenees.
After dedicating herself to education and literature, she feels the need to overturn in painting and begins to investigate and discover new and personal techniques such as lacquers on aluminum plates that will open the doors of contemporary art showing her work in galleries of Aragón, Barcelona and Madrid. Thanks to her pictorial discoveries she is granted a scholarship by the DPH and invited by the Italian Institute of Culture to the Experimental Center of Art of Macerata (Ancona) staying at the School of Fine Arts "Pietro Vannuci" of the University of Perugia (Italy).

Innovative and tireless maverick, her works are transformed throughout her successive exhibitions in Barcelona and Madrid and reach a surrealistic nuance that leads towards a realism of magical connotations, which subsequently lead  to a very different figurative concept but  it keeps a scent of what has been done between the end seventies and eighties. In 1990, Pepe Ayllón, theoretician of the El Paso group, selects one of her large works for  DPH,  that same year she made the exhibition "Bestiario" in DPH, an authentic bestiary represented in a schematic way, intentionally primitive, with the intention to enhance that theme with the irrational as the protagonist. This exhibition, which is a risky break with her previous time, both of materials and the thematic matter, and according to critics, is a great bet for a permanent innovation, very characteristic of her creative process.

After 1993, the work is populated by ancestral symbolic elements, anthropomorphic forms and different personal symbols. From that time she received numerous awards and prizes such as the Silver Medal of the V International Biennial of the City of Huesca. She is named Corresponding Academician of the Royal Academy of Fine and Noble Arts of San Luis de Zaragoza, receives the First Prize X Painting Contest Francisco Pradilla (Villanueva de Gállego, Zaragoza) and, in 1997, Dame Bow of Isabel de la Católica for her artistic merits and teachers. That same year she was invited as a teacher by the University, Altos de Chavón  (associated  with the New York School of design Parsons) Dominican Republic. Her stay at Altos de Chavón motivates an enrichment of color and new techniques in fresco on canvas full of brightness and chromatic freshness and  singular abstraction works  as "Los amores amarillos" or "Música acuática", with changing atmospheres, spaces, plans and forms integrated fluidity.

After this experience that will mark her deeply is titled as a University expert in art and as a trainer of trainers of Didactics of the artistic expression  by the Complutense University of Madrid.
Her constant evolution takes her to be guest artist by the Government of Morocco to the XXV International Forum of Art and Culture in the city of Asilah. It is at this time that she realizes large-scale works such as the mural "CATARSIS" 2002, 90 meters long, at the entrance of the Somport international tunnel or "LA CIUDAD DORADA" 2008 at the Palacio de Congresos de Huesca, a gigantic mural 500 square meters. She also creates the monumental sculptures "LA PUERTA DE ARAGÓN" in Fraga (Huesca) and "PETRONILA Y LAS ÁGUILAS" on the Huesca-Lérida motorway.
In 2010, she made one of her most outstanding exhibitions in La Lonja de Zaragoza with her pictorial work "Desiertos y Cardenales" and the videos "Monegros-Nueva York" about natural or cosmopolitan solitudes.
In 2014 she created the pictorial series "RE-CONSTRUIR" with a personal dimension that breaks again her own molds.
She is currently developing a large series of paintings of a museum character.
She has published numerous poems and short stories and has taught art courses in various cultural, educational and university institutions in Spain and several countries in Europe and America.
The director Alejandro Cortés just shoot a feature film about her life and her work that affects her personality and her long international artistic experience.
For all her artistic career, she was awarded the Aragón Goya of the Arts  Awards 2015.